Roblox Infinite Jump Hack and Exploits

How to Hack Infinite Jump in Roblox? Find out the tips for more details. The “Hack or Exploit” term is not something close to new, video games exploits have been out there since the first-moment video games itself started to exist. There are so many hacks but in the vast majority, they all are used for the same purpose: To break the rules.

Who doesn’t love to break rules, right?

I have to admit I’ve been exploiting a dozen of games with a different type of glitches and hacks and many of them might improve the experience a lot. My opinion is that a hack has to never be used to ruin the fun to another player, ever.

Roblox Infinite Jump Hack and Exploit

Now, in Roblox, there is a hack that is getting more and more popularity overtime and actually, is really nice to try out. Is the Infinite Jump Hack and as the name indicates, with this exploit you will able to jump big distances and even fly! [Make Roblox Unblocked at School]

How to Infinite Jump in Roblox?

You had entered the post for one reason and one reason only, to find out how to get the Infinite Jump hack. Pay attention to the four steps and believe me that you don’t need to have programming knowledge to active it; is simpler than you might expect.

  • Step 1: Go to net to find the Jump Hack exploit among the ones released for this team.
  • Step 2: Download and enter the game of your choice.
  • Step 3: Run Infinite Jump.exe and Click Start.
  • Step 4: Click the “Toggle” button to activate and you are ready to go.

Roblox Hack for Infinite Jump

A great power comes with great responsibility is what it’s said. This is very true even when we talk about game exploits, including almost every Roblox hack that we may find available on the internet. [Roblox Decal ids and Code Hack]

To begin with, the Infinite Jump doesn’t work on every game. Also have in mind that as you fly and break the space rules of the game, you might come with some errors or technical difficulties. is the home of not only the Infinite Jump hack but also share a couple of others more.  If you go to the provided link, you will instantly notice their exploits to gravity switch, infinite ammo, item replacement, Multiple RBX games, fluctuation and even one for the Prison Life game client.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; out there on the lands of cybernetic freedom, you will find if you search correctly, scripts-hacks-exploits to understand and customize in a very detailed manner every aspect of the game. There are no limits. [Best Roblox Mad Game Code]

Bottom Line

Hacks, exploits or call it the way you call it, as I previously mentioned: They are a powerful tool and must be controlled or if it is even possible, prohibited to the one who just only seek to provoke discomfort on others.

Not all of the exploits are going to be trustworthy and that’s something you have the need to front face. One good example of this, is the “10.000, 100.000 or infinite Robux” supposedly hacks where they not only trick you but also, if this is true; distort a big part of the game.

Hope my post about Roblox Infinite Jump Hack and Exploits helps you. Please share your views and inputs here.

Roblox Infinity rpg Codes 2018 – Secret Blade

Welcome to page of Roblox Infinity rpg Codes and secret blade tips. Are you familiar with the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre? If you are, all those Roblox fans definitely should try the leveling system, boss killing and loot grinding addicting experience the Sparkle Time Studio has developed into the Infinity RPG.

Roblox Infinity rpg Codes and secret blade tips

It was mentioned that the loot grinding plays a big part in all RPG and that’s true, everyone wants to enter the many realms fulfilled with the existing enemies and collect those sweat prizes – XP and Items. Today’s subject is for those wild adventurers who are searching for the hidden content.

Top 6 Roblox Infinity RPG Codes

6) FireAgeIsTheNewAge: This will bring the Inferno Blade directly to your equipment and is entirely red with a shiny sprite all over itDamage (40-70).

5) AndromedaGalaxy: Similar to the previous one, after you redeem the code, a sword called Universe Bug will be obtained. Damage(400 – 700).

4) FreeSword: Its white shining sparkles effect adapts to the nice sword color.Damage (2000 – 5000).

3) PillarOfCreation: This code will provide a buff which rises up 11.000hp of your actual life.

2) 220KeepGoing: A recent code and a pretty decent redeemable sword. The 220K Favorites Sword is a massive destroyer – capable of hitting up to the 20k tag – and has a red stars sprite effect.

1) SpookyScary: Among the weapon codes, the Ghost Walker is the most powerful sword of all the free ones. Is yellow transparent and don’t have any sprite effect but its damage compensate for it (50.000-100.000)

How to Apply the Infinity rpg Codes?

It is very simple to use any builders club code provided to you, whether you got it from a friend or surfing on the internet.  To receive the code rewards you need to open the settings and press the “Redeem Code” button, and then write them exactly how it was previously mentioned – Caps at beginnings and no space – and press Redeem.

It’s that easy.

How to Get Roblox Secret Blade?

Actually, there is one peculiar blade that is able to do a secret amount of damage.

So how does the Secret Sword work? This transparent – with a shining sparkle effect – uses a randomize damage system, where is going to be announced numbers hit after hit.

To get it, you need to go directly to the Knight Valley and get close to the right corner at the nearest wall from the main entrance. Avoid or kill the spawning poltergeist and begin to approach the hidden passage.

In this exact part, the walls texture looks like solid but they really aren’t that solid, you are capable of crossing it without much effort.  Only a last step is remaining to get that sweet Secret Sword. [Best Roblox Mad Games Code]

To get on that platform, you have to look through the wall and jump in quick mechanics as if we were introduced to a glitch. If you do the jump properly, you would be in front to the merchant who sells the weapon. It has a low cost (5500 gold) but definitely has an outstanding functionality.

Bottom line

This list was brought to help all those who are part of the Roblox community that searches for days and never finds any concrete information. The main reason of this is because some games don’t receive the attention they deserve. [Roblox Decal Ids and Codes]

Probably you might have seen that the Roblox promotional codes and the redeemable game codes are different because the first one is to collect esthetic gear from Roblox toys and can be done on the web page. The second one only is related to the Infinity RPG specials.

Make Roblox Unblocked at School Safely

Follow the easy tips to Unblock Roblox at School Safely. The social aspect is what differentiates Roblox from the most. Two examples of great sandbox popular games are Minecraft and Terraria, dedicated to the exploring and perfectly adjusted to be played alone for many hours. In the other side, Roblox is more community focused, where the main goal is to create content for you and the rest of your friends to play.

Tips to unblock Roblox at school

So, it is here where the biggest issue begins. The interaction with strangers is often seen as an alarming activity. Although they can be blocked and reported, some vulgar words may be projected in the multi-dynamic chats.

How do Blocking Game Work at School?

First, is important to know how the Roblox blocking at schools works.

Although institutes take education too serious, the fact of leaving behind a great opportunity aside is very disgraceful and, because of this particular reason, these blocking methods are made within the hope of maintaining all students’ minds effective to increase scores over all schools. [Roblox Windowed Mode Review]

Schools usually block the IP address of the game to protect the children of being “distracted”, maybe represents a good point but definitely is not the right way to do it. Blocking creativity should be replaced instead, with a nice management of the computers where the players interact.

How can you Unblock Roblox at School Safely?

A lot of students currently ask how they can fix this problem and unblock Roblox or any other restriction schools put over them and their game. Although is not the first thing I would recommend to do, the truth is that it is 100% possible.

The main purpose of a router is to provide internet to the users by connecting them to servers and the most common way of doing this is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“How does this work?” You might think. It’s actually very simple.

Your main goal would be to overcome the Roblox ban and send the capsuled petition using the previously mentioned VPN connection, your IP will be “changed” temporarily and thus, you would be free to performance anything without restrictions.

There are certain limitations – a lot – for people who seek a free service for more professional labor. Have in mind that the internet provided from that free VPN source will be a lot slower than the one who you often use. [ Roblox Builders Club Codes ]

Of course, not every VPN services are totally free; in fact, the best out there work in a very cheap premium system whose companies offer daily, monthly and even yearly support for prices around the $19.00 tag to $79.99.

Bottom Line

The creative nature of Sandbox games presents an opportunity for kids and teens to learn and explore their world, creating great abilities that surely are going to make an impact in their educative development.

As is well known, Roblox is one of those games experiences where you learn while playing. An element is presented and then studied by the user for then to put in practice, considered one excellent process leading the way to success.

Many schools shouldn’t prohibit Roblox and other like this but pay more attention of how this system can be implemented in an everyday life, keeping up with a healthy education.

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This is how you can easily make roblox unblocked at School and workarea too.

Roblox Decal ids and Codes 2018 – Free Hack

Welcome to the page of Roblox Decal ids and promo codes. Roblox decals are images that can be put on various objects in Roblox and are quite similar to t-shirts in terms of the way of use, with the only difference being the fact that you can’t actually wear them.

How to Find out a Decal’s Id?

A decal’s id is part of the decal’s link and you can easily notice it as it is separated by two slashes and does not contain any letters. However, you will have to subtract 1 from the id if you want to use a decal in Roblox Studio. For example, if you are unsure about this decal’s id, it is 433934075 – notice that it ends with a 5 instead of 6.

Roblox Decal id Codes

How to Make Decals?

The process of making decals allows you to show your creativity and put as much effort as you want into making the visions in your head come true (you will only be limited by the features of the editing program you use). If you are experienced in editing images, you will be able to easily show off your skills and additionally improve your gaming experience.

Best Roblox Decal Ids and Codes

Browsing the web in search of the best Roblox decal ids can be exhausting, which is why we have collected and listed some of them for you:

  • 80373024
  • 1699515
  • 24774766
  • 1081287
  • 1803741
  • 516095478
  • 54335881
  • 54336924
  • 54353046
  • 50652408
  • 50738529
  • 51394124
  • 63623674
  • 788299462
  • 29953282
  • 49903572
  • 65232006
  • 71996424
  • 27645695
  • 49239225
  • 64163109
  • 36850179
  • 43143706
  • 36937552
  • 31365091
  • 34376288
  • 22203657
  • 32012199
  • 22382576
  • 23155948
  • 23634480
  • 30520502
  • 23376594
  • 32012199
  • 22382576
  • 96007757
  • 35479256
  • 4879413
  • 59241726
  • 30520865
  • 86098767
  • 29595946
  • 80821715
  • 68563793
  • 86098955
  • 66332512
  • 43315559
  • 27819139
  • 77593902
  • 2276069
  • 100440289
  • 123342343

And here are some ids of Roblox bypassed decals:

  • Hitler Call Me Maybe – 404762253
  • Swears a Lot – 822039357
  • I’m Gay – 650270975
  • Hell No – 288945955
  • Funny Song – 506337000
  • German Declaration of War – 637735204
  • Denzel Curry Ultimate – 614777603
  • Unnamed – 623089013
  • Eminem Not Afraid – 336303400
  • Lil Peep Witchblades – 714131056
  • Pink guy Goofy’s Trial: 655084274
  • Be Like Jev – 646857865
  • Little Bitch Got Me Fucked Up – 876240240
  • Xxxtentacion Wing Ridden Angel – 546489358
  • Young Thug Stoner – 847060460
  • Denzel Curry Mystical Virus – 281938638
  • XxxtentacionWithdemdicks – 823894071
  • $uicideboy$ Dead Batteries – 530424179
  • FettyWap Trap Queen – 285242937
  • Tupac My Block – 668533279
  • Noah North Goat – 470500368
  • Golden – 159260596
  • Sausage – 332813876
  • s.a.p. Rocky Everyday – 315596008
  • K Camp Good Weed Bad Bitch – 841887920
  • Knuckles Up – 857627752
  • Heartbroken – 836374954

How to Upload a Decal?

Follow these steps to upload a Roblox decal:

  1. Create an image to your liking and save it in whichever folder you want.
  2. Click the Develop tab on the top of the Roblox homepage.
  3. Choose Decals.
  4. Click Browse and go to the folder where you saved the image.
  5. Select the image and click Ok.
  6. Name your decal and click Upload.
  7. A moderator will check whether your decal violates any rules and approve it.

You can upload as many decals as you want and choose to either keep it for yourself or share it with the rapidly growing Roblox community.

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Hope your doubts got cleared. If you still have any queries about Roblox Decal Ids or decal codes then add your comments here. I will try to reply you as quick as possible.

Roblox Mad Games Codes 2018

Roblox Mad Games Codes Free Generator and Hack: Each and every ROBLOX member can be really proud of his/her knowledge if he/she can memorize just a few dozens of titles of ROBLOX games and speak about the very basis idea of the plot and in-game features at any time of the day. The overall number of game developers is constantly rising, so is the number of ROBLOX games themselves.

Roblox Mad Games promo codes

ROBLOX Mad Games is an online multiplayer game that was created by Mad Studio in 2015. It consists of a larger number of mini games and supports up to 16 players. Judging by the number of visits on the game page alone (more than 71 million), it is quite popular among the members; especially if you consider that it was released just a bit over two years ago.

Mad Games Unique Features

Eleven supported game modes should be enough even for the most advanced users: Mad Murdered, Free-For-All, Sheriff Madness, Balloon Hunt, Tile Smasher, Mad Sweeper, Cat Attack, Juggernaut, Death Box, Pumpkin Hunt, Balloons of Doom. Thirteen different maps, four of which are supported with certain game modes only, were created to allow you to experience playing in a unique environment whenever you switch to a new game mode.

Mad Games used to support credits as the main currency in the game, but that has changed and now you are able to make in-game purchases only with the Ruby currency.

Best ROBLOX Mad Games Codes

From time to time, everyone likes getting free stuff and taking advantage of free promotions and game codes. Nobody has the right to judge you for taking a shortcut and using the dodgeball codes that are supported by ROBLOX itself.

Once you have found the most comfortable position in your chair and opened Mad Games, make sure to use the codes ‘tweets’ and ‘face’ to get 10 + 2 LP and 20 + 4 LP, respectively. It is not much, but it will certainly come in handy when you have drained almost all the resources you had.

There is one quite special code that will give you more LP that you would ever imagine. In fact, you will be able to add exactly 10,000 LP to your profile in a single click with the code ‘ayyyyolo’. For the instructions on how to use these codes, refer below.

How to Use ROBLOX Mad Games Promo Code?

You are surely waiting to see what the above mentioned codes can do for you, so make sure to go to ROBLOX Mad Games first. Click the ‘LP’ sign on the left side of the screen and a small window will pop up. From there, you will be able to redeem any codes that you have been told about by your friends or other members. All you need to do is enter the code in the small box in the center of the screen and click ‘Redeem’. If the code has not expired, you will get a message telling you that you have successfully redeemed a mad games code.

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ROBLOX Builders Club Codes, Hack and Generator

Welcome to page to find top Builder Club codes with/without hack and generator. ROBLOX Builders Club, abbreviated BC, is a premium membership that allows you to enjoy a variety of interesting features. As a premium member, you get daily Robux, unlock the ability to create and join dozens of groups, gain access to the trading and sales features and receive a bonus the first time you purchase a membership. There are three different membership options: Classic, Turbo and Outrageous.

Membership Classic Turbo Outrageous
Daily Robux R$15 R$35 R$60
Join Groups 10 20 100
Create Groups 10 20 100
Signing Bonus R$100 R$100 R$100
Paid Access 70% 70% 70%

Top ROBLOX Builders Club Codes

Hanging around and playing ROBLOX games can be enjoyable just until the moment you realize that you have gone through all the levels of the majority of the games you have ever wanted to play at least once. Even though upgrading to a premium membership is a fairly decent step to make, it can cost quite a lot depending on which option you decide to go with.  At this point, some members will take a minute or two to think whether an upgrade is actually worth the invested money and if there is way to get all the premium features for free.If it is too late to get your money back and cancel the premium membership, you might want to consider using some of these dodgeball codes:

  • 111 262 383 – free ROBLOX unlimited gift card
  • Brickmaster5643 – 400 Robux

ROBLOX Builders Club Hack and Robux Generator

roblox builders club code generator

You do not have to be much of a mathematician to be able to calculate how much money you are going to spend on a premium membership in the next couple of years. Even if you are quite modest and the classic membership offers everything you need, you are going to spend just a bit over $170 in the next three years ($57.95 annually). If cashing out $60 at once is way too much for your budget, you can go with the most basic option – a $5.95 month subscription. That being said, you might want to use the ROBLOX BC hack to save some money and spend it on a new soccer ball or a smartphone. Getting a premium membership for free is really easy, as all you need to do is enter your ROBLOX username and click ‘Continue’.

Generally speaking, everyone would like to somehow multiply the amount of their Robux resources without having to ask their parents to lend them money. Follow the steps below to earn Robux for free:

  1. Download the Robux Generator.
  2. Type in your account details.
  3. Choose the amount of Robux.
  4. Click the ‘Generate’ button.

If you do not manage to add free Robux from the first try, make sure to try a few more times.

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Final Thoughts:

The ROBLOX Builders Club does give you the freedom to test your own imagination, chat with millions of active members, create and be part of the games that are created by other users. The possibilities are endless and it is completely up to you and your imagination to keep up with the important task to have lots of fun whilst exploring the available content.

If you are aware about any ROBLOX Builders Club Codes, Generator or hack then please do share it here.

Roblox Windowed Mode 101

Roblox is the massively play multiplayer game that is available worldwide. Windowed Mode is unique kind of setting that will offer more feature to you.

Know Everything About Roblox Windowed Mode 101

Even in the gaming world, perfectionism is all about the tiniest details: tilting your screen just a couple of degrees to adjust it to your preferences, playing some relaxing music in the background whilst hunting zombies, choosing the highest quality keyboard, etc. These things may sound silly and seem illogical to an ordinary person, but a real gamer knows that a lot of effort is put into making the most appropriate atmosphere – the atmosphere that will allow you to blast through the game levels with ease. If any of the ‘parameters’ aren’t as you wish them to be, you lose the feeling of specialness. Thereby, choosing between Roblox windowed and full-screen modes is quite an important task to do.

windowed mode by roblox

Other than the rather subjective opinion about the option that allows you to control the gaming experience, activating windowed mode can come in handy when the resolution of the game differs from the desktop’s resolution, which greatly improves the overall performance and fixes any fps issues.

How to Activate ROBLOX Windowed Mode

In case you’re not entirely sure whether you should set windowed mode as a default option, you can switch between windowed and full-screen in the settings of the game whenever you want. On the other side, the main reason it is recommended to stick to only one option is to keep the Roblox gaming experience at a reasonably satisfying level no matter how much time you spend playing games on your powerful gaming PC.

There are two different ways you can activate ROBLOX windowed mode. The first one requires you to go to the in-game settings and turn off the full-screen option (it is listed among the other settings, such as volume, graphics mode, etc.). If that does not work for you, even after you’ve tried a couple of times, try pressing fn+f11 (fn button can be found in the bottom left corner of the keyboard). Doing so will automatically switch between the two available options and you will be able to change your preference any time during the game.

Once you have entered the settings menu, you can take your time exploring the other options. Some of them can drastically change the way you play ROBLOX games and help you change the user interface to feel more comfortable, as well as improve the overall performance (graphics quality, mouse sensitivity).

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What’s the Better Choice?

Nobody else but you can give a definite answer to this question. Given that you are reading this, you must be in a slight dilemma. However, the importance of such a decision is basically nothing compared to the importance of the decision you have to make when you are about to have an exam without having learned at all – to cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. Since everyone has a unique taste and is at least a bit subjective when it comes to giving someone else advice, you should try out both of the available options (Windowed Mode of Roblox and Normal mode) yourself and see which one works better for you.


Roblox Shirt Template – Download Free Maker

Do you want to make shirt in Roblox? Use any of below template or try free shirt maker now. Roblox is a user generated online gaming platform that was created by Roblox Corporation in 2006 and went viral soon afterwards.

This game allows players the ability to create and design their own virtual simulations.

Roblox Shirt Template Maker for free

Roblox also has an in game currency (Robux) which can be rewarded to users and developers which in turn can be changed to cash the developer exchange program.

The game is designed in a way that players are able to discover 3-D worlds. Activities in the game include exploring, crafting items, resource gathering and combat.

The Roblox Shirt Template

It also boosts social interaction, because players have the ability to add other people they meet in the game to their friends’ lists.

An example of such popular games is Roblox Dinosaur Simulator in which the gamer can live as one of the most majestic, prehistoric and amazing creature to have ever lived: The Dinosaur.

Roblox Builder Club.

A shirt as the name implies is a type of clothing on ROBLOX which covers the upper area (Comprising of the torso, and arms) of a character with a texture defined by the shirt’s shirt template property.

You can create shirts by creating an image based on a template. Then you can publish them using the shirt content builder. You can sell or use the shirt only after it has been approved by a moderator.

How to Make Shirts and Pants on Roblox?

First you need to download the shirt template to your computer. This is a picture that you draw on to create your own shirt. You can use whatever image editing program you like. When you’re done with your changes, you can go back to the Develop page and upload the shirt or pants to the website. You no need to use any Roblox Money Jailbreak Hack here.

Now you will notice that the shirt template file you download looks pretty weird with a lot of colors. Worry not. This is exactly how it is meant to look like.

If you were to print out the template below, you could cut out all the colored rectangles, tape them together, and create a real-life 3D shirt. That’s what Roblox does for you once you upload your shirt template image.

Never forget that even though the arms are labeled differently, they are opposite. This means that what the template calls the right arm is really the left, and vice versa

Uploading your shirt

Once you have gotten your shirt painted, locate the “Choose file” icon and click on it to select your shirt file.

Now click on “Upload” The shirt will show up in your wardrobe. You can only make a shirt if you are in the Builder’s Club”.

Please share your own Roblox Shirt Template here or let us know your doubts and queries if any.

Roblox Dodgeball Codes 2018 for Twitter

Find the best Roblox Dodgeball Codes for Twitter: Roblox is a user generated online gaming platform that was created by Roblox Corporation in 2006 and went viral soon afterwards.

This game allows players the ability to create and design their own virtual simulations.

Roblox also has an in game currency (Robux) which can be rewarded to users and developers which in turn can be changed to cash the developer exchange program.

roblox dodgeball codes

An example of such popular games is Roblox Dinosaur Simulator in which the gamer can live as one of the most majestic, prehistoric and amazing creature to have ever lived: The Dinosaur.

What is Roblox Dodgeball Game?

The game is designed in a way that players are able to discover 3-D worlds. Activities in the game include exploring, crafting items, resource gathering and combat.

The Roblox dodgeball was created by game designer alexnewtron. It is a highly famous game. So far, it has gained over 3.2 million place visits and over 143,000 favorites over the course of its existence.

It also boosts social interaction, because players have the ability to add other people they meet in the game to their friends’ lists. You should also learn to make game on roblox.

Top rated Roblox Dodgeball Codes for Twitter

TENOFF – Apply the code and get 10% discount on your in-store game purchase. No any minimum purchase requirement.

MOREYOU – Use this code once you first time open the game to increase your power and stamina. It is valid for new users only.

Cltr + Shift + R – Head up and try this cheat code to get extra power. It is valid only when you reach to certain level. No need to use any roblox jailbreak hack here.

GEM10 – There are some mission where gems are necessary. If you are lacking of that then you can try this code to get 10% more gems when you buy it.

GETGOLD – Why should you spend when you get it for low or free? Apply the code and get free gold, coins, robux and other in-game items. Some limitation apply, so please check the TOC page.

30% Off – During this holiday season you can play the game and get your favorite in-game item at 30% off the regular price. No need to change your user name in roblox.

How to Apply Roblox Dodgeball Codes?

If you love crafting, art making and social gathering then this the game for you. It is free-to-play game, however it offer in-game purchase to enhance your experience. If you are serious about this game then I prefer you to go for in-game items like robux, tix, gold and gems.

You can use any of above roblox codes to get associated perks. You just have to login to your account. Now visit the in-game store and buy the product you like. Go ahead and complete your order with the given promo code to get discount and free stuff. You need to ensure that your order qualify for added coupon code, else you will see warning message over there.

If you still have any query about Roblox Dodgeball promo codes then please enter your comment here. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Script on Roblox for Beginners

Learn How to Script on Roblox for Beginners? Roblox is a user generated online gaming platform that was created by Roblox Corporation in 2006 and went viral soon afterwards.

This game allows players the ability to create and design their own virtual simulations.

learn to script on roblox

Roblox also has an in game currency (Robux) which can be rewarded to users and developers which in turn can be changed to cash the developer exchange program.

The game is designed in a way that players are able to discover 3-D worlds. Activities in the game include exploring, crafting items, resource gathering and combat.

It also boosts social interaction , because players have the ability to add other people they meet in the game to their friends’ lists.

An example of such popular games is Roblox Dinosaur Simulator in which the gamer can live as one of the most majestic, prehistoric and amazing creature to have ever lived: The Dinosaur.

What is Roblox Scripting?

A script is a set of instructions for a program to follow in order to create custom behaviors and in order to give these instructions you must give the instructions in a language in which the program can properly interpret and understand


The first instruction, or function, we will cover is called print, which makes text appear in the Output window. In the Command Bar, type:

print(“Hello world!”)

After you are done typing, hit enter. The Output panel will show both the instruction and the message we wanted to print:

> print(“Hello world!”)

Hello world!

print will output whatever is in between the parenthesis () that follow it. In this case, we printed out the sentence: Hello world!. When you want to print out sentences, which in Lua are called strings, you have to surround the sentence with quotations.

We can print other things, like numbers:

> print(10)


Please note that these commands are case sensitive, and so you must endeavor to spell the print exactly as you see above with all lower case letters. For instance “Run” is very much different from “run” or “RUN”.

Programs are extremely specific and precise on how commands are spelt and capitalized. If you do something as minor as mis capitalizing a command, you will see an error in the output window.

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How to Script on Roblox for Beginners?

Sometimes,  in scripting, we might wish to store a particular information that we would use at a point in time in the future. This is when variables come into play.

Just think of a variable as a box in which you put things that you’ll need later.

To create a variable, you will simply need to name it and assign a particular value to it. For example

>myAge = 27   This is a variable.

The example above will store the number 27 into the variable called myAge.

First we are specifying the name of the variable we wish to use, in this case myAge.

The equal sign says we wish to assign a number to that specific variable. The value we need to store comes after the equals sign.

Make sure to read: How to Change Your Name in Roblox?


We can assign variables to almost any name we desire, however there are a few laid down rules that one must follow in Lua when naming variables:

  • Variable names cannot have spaces in them.
  • Variable names cannot start with numbers.
  • Variable names cannot have any special character except for underscore: _.
  • Some words in Lua are reserved for special uses. Variable names cannot be the same as these special words. A few examples are for, and, end, if, and while.
  • Variable names should not be the same as functions. For example, you technically can use the word print as a variable name, but it would ruin your program as that would overwrite the actual print function.


You will often be required to do a bit of math during scripting. Lua supports all the basic mathematical operations.


You can create a new part via code. To do this, simply type the following command:

The command will automatically insert new parts into the workspace. This part will show up in both the 3D view and the explorer.

You can also store parts inside variables.

>“Part”, Workspace)

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Any properties that you can set with studio tools or through properties window can be changed or modified with a script command.

In order to change a property of something you have initially stored in a variable, you have to provide the variable, the property you wish to change and the value you want to property to be changed to.

In coding, this must be presented in a very precise and specific pattern.

Look at the example below.

> myPart.Name = “Bob”

You can change other properties as well. For instance if you want to make a part slightly transparent, you can adjust the transparency property.

> myPart.Transparency = 0.5


A roblox game is structured in what is called a tree. The game itself actually resides at the top of the tree. It is referred to in code as Game”

Beneath the game are standard services like workspace, players, lighting, etc. These are termed “Children”  Likewise, Game is considered as “Parent”

The workspace itself has several children of its own: Terrain, camera, baseplate

Now that you are familiar with the structure and organization , we can talk about how to access an object in the explorer through code.

When we want to get to a specific object, we have to write how to get there via the tree. For example, suppose we want to change the Transparency of the Baseplate. We know the Baseplate is a child of Workspace, which itself is a child of game. To access an object in code, we start at the highest level and then work down through the children. So, we start at game as that is the highest level in the tree.


To move to a child, we have to write dot (.) then the name of the child. In this case, we want to move to Workspace so we would write:


We can descend another level to the Baseplate by writing another dot (.) and then Baseplate:


Now that we are at the Part we are interested in, we can access the Property we are interested (with a dot, just like above), and then set it.

> game.Workspace.Baseplate.Transparency = 1

The Name property of parts is critical when running code like above. To access parts like above the Name has to be spelled correctly. The Name also cannot include any spaces. If the part was named Base plate the above code would not work.

It is also important to give your parts unique names if they are in the same service or folder. If there were two parts named Baseplate and you tried to change the transparency of one using the above code, the game would pick one of the parts and there is no guarantee that it would pick the part you want. A better approach would be to name parts like Baseplate1 and Baseplate2 if you need to change them individually from code.

Hope you got answer for how to Script on Roblox for Beginners? Please share your own thoughts here.