Best Roblox Games 2018 for Android, Xbox One and iOS

Best Roblox Games for Xbox One, Android, and iOS Mobile: If you love playing games and don’t know what Roblox is about, probably you have missed a lot in the gaming spectrum lately. Roblox is a site that’s certainly on the top of every online gamer’s list these days. Not just that—it also provides an interactive platform where users can upload their games and get paid for it. The multiplayer gaming environment is aggrandized with the availability of a super-safe chat mode (even under 13-year-olds can use it), something that you hardly see a possibility with other gaming chatrooms.

best roblox games for mobile phone

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game-creation website that allow its user to design and upload their own games. As aforementioned, it also lets you play games in an excellent multiplayer environment. Most of the games involve an advanced gameplay with the use of intricate weaponry.

Users can unlock additional items using in-game currency that could be either earned slowly over time or purchased using real money (that’s how independent games make money). You can also try Roblox hack and generator to get in-game currency for FREE. Avid game developers can also sign up for membership and insert in-game ads to make some additional bucks. And honestly, Roblox is one of the most intuitive gaming platforms that provides extensive opportunities for the game developers to make money out as freelancers.

Best Roblox Games to Play

Because of the nature of this gaming platform, there are way too many gaming titles available; and that’s why, some sifting is essential, especially when you want to make the most out of your valuable time. Here are the Best 3 Roblox games that you could give a try.

  1. Apocalypse Rising

You have to be a fan of the horror gaming genre to like this game. The game features a post-apocalypse survival, much like how it’s shown on the TV series The Walking Dead. What you would love about the gameplay on Apocalypse Rising is that it offers you a lot of freedom with the story-line. You can make choices as you meet new survivors—so you can either team up or kill them—it totally depends on your discretion. You should also check my guideline to earn robux for free.

  1. Phantom Forces

If you are a first-person shooting gamer, Phantom Forces is certainly a game you need to look forward to. The game includes vast array of weapons and maps that are no less than masterpieces. The best thing about the game is the appendages that you could add to your weapons like lasers, different types of sights and ammunition, grips, etc.

  1. Natural Disaster Survival

When you think of a gaming title that’s fun, detailed and realistic; it has to be Natural Disaster Survival. The game actually lets you witness a natural catastrophe without having to be in the middle of one. The game is simple and addicting, especially if you like something that’s revolves around reality. Do you know that you can make shirt on roblox game? check my page for that.

How to Play Roblox games on Xbox One and Mobiles?

To play Roblox games, you would be required to go to Roblox website ( and get yourself signed up. After this, you need to to download the Roblox browser that would allow you to play the Roblox games. This can take sometime for you to get comfortable with the online interface of the browser, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you don’t want to invest in expensive gaming computers.

Above are some best playing roblox games for iPad, Android and Xbox one.

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