Roblox Admin Gear Codes List for Kohls House

Roblox Admin Gear Codes List for Kohls House: Roblox is an online user generated multiplayer social gaming platform. The game offers players the ability to design and engineer their very own virtual worlds. It is massively play browse based game that is famous among the children, teenager and youngster.

How to Use Roblox Kohls House Admin Code?

The game that started in 2006 has now garnered a lot of fans with over 500,000 game creators designing games and thirty million active monthly players. Admin and Miners Haven Codes are nothing but cheats that you can try to upgrade your level and gaming performance. It is generally available for all the account including free and premium.

You just have to copy Roblox Gear codes from the list given below and paste that into your account. Check the top section named account dashboard to enter your code.

Roblox Admin Gear Codes List

Below are some list of cheat codes that you can try within the game to huge perks and rewards.

Roblox admin gear codes and command

1.Sentry 68603151
2.Clone Thing 72644644
3.Jetpack 31314966
4.Hoverboard 124127383
5.Gravitational Radiational Hammer 33866846
6.R-Orb 98411393
7.Raig Table 110789105
8.RC Tank! 83021197
9.Dual Plungers 114690870
10.Grapple Hook 30393548
11.Taxi 125013849
12.Gravitron 3000 74385438
13.Scythe 28275809
15.Deadly Thorn Potion 59175777
16.Black Hole Bomb 28277486
17.Portal Gun 34870758
18.Time Bomb 80576952
19.Black Hole RAY Gun 78005009
20.Zombie Dog 121385262
21.Zombie Launcher 93536844
22.Shark Launcher 83021217
23.Hyper Laser 130113146
24.Hyper Bike 130113061
25.Magic Carpet 103235041
26.Hot Air Balloon 116040828
27.Snowball Cannon 19704172
28.Super Freeze Ray 42845853
29.Rocket Launcher 32356064
30.Raining Tacos 142376088
31.Fox 130797915
32.Gangman Style 130844430
33.Roar 131065183
34.Planktons Fun Song 130783719
35.Barrel Roll 130791919
36.Black And Yellow 144510222
37.Ugly Barnacle 130852648
38.Moonwalk Dance Potion 32353654
39.Fortune Cookie 35684857
40.HandCannon 33867016
41.DS 33867401
42.Flamethrower 33879504
43.Vine Staff 30847733
44.Rc Plane 69210407
45.Gravity Gun 34901961
46.Bloxy Radar 29532138
47.Epic Sauce 31314931
48.Azurewrath’s Return 59190543
49.Silly Slits 60357959
50.Icy Arctic Fowl 101078559
Below are few more Roblox Dinosaur Simulator DNA Codes that you can to full up your admin gear box with awesome features.

51.Cerulean Vengeance 24713330
52.OBC Skateboard 27902406
53.ROBLOX Frisbee 25158998
54.Cheezburger 16726030
55.2010 Fireworks 20064349
56.Noobtube 27474371
57.Part Selection/Stamper Tool 73089166
58.Delete Tool 73089190
59.Configure Tool 73089239
60.Rotate Tool 58880579
61.Clone Tool 73089204
62.Wiring Tool 73089259
63.Pink Paintball 30649735
64.Red Paintball 26014536
65.Green Paintball 27245855
66.Blue Paintball 26017478
67.Astral Isle Frog Wand 106701619
68.Astral Cloak 114020538
69. Arm Stretch Astral Isle 106701702
70.Astral Isle Rats 106701564
71.Astral Isle Pegasus 106701659
72.Captain SteelShanks 71597060
73.Deputy Bobby’s Cowboy Boots 49052638
74.Positronic Platform Producer 34898883
75.Saxophone 45094376
76.Police Baton 11956382
77.XLS Mark Pulse Laser Pistol 11999279
78.Staff of the Winds 18462637
79.Air Strike 88885539
80.USA Fireworks 85145730
81.Grav Coil 16688968
82.Minion 119934168
83.Dance Potion 27858062
84.We Can’t Stop [ Miley Cyrus ] 130833038
85.I FartedXD 130798484
86.My Little Pony 138285252
87.Screaming 138097458
88.Turn Down For What 144418825
89.Teen Titans 143611827
90.Everyday Im Shuffling 130776004
91.Ninja Blink 47597835
92.M1 Grenade 94233286
93.Ninja Jump 46846115
94.Scythe of Singularity 50938765
95.Double Bladed Hand Axe 12775410
96.Cloak of the Undying 94794833
97.Ice Potion 46362414
98.Sand Tempest Scimitar 12187431
99.Troll Anthem 130803007
100.Only Girl In World 134580833
You can play Roblox on Xbox 360 and Xbox One but for that you have to follow our previous post. All the Roblox Admin Codes are available PS4, Chromebook and Xbox platform. If you still face any problem then don’t hesitate you contact us, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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