Roblox Assassin Codes

What is Roblox and Assassin Codes?

Roblox is the self-generated platform for kids having millions of 3D worlds. It is a social gaming platform where players create their own virtual worlds and games. Games on Roblox are designed using sandbox edition of game programming language ‘Lua’. It is also known as “imagination Platform” as Players imagine and create games .  Users come to Roblox, perform signup or login and play the games. There is no purchase on roblox for ps4. Following are few fields and characters in the game.


Guests are ROBLOX players who try it out, dress up as the owner of ROBLOX (Under the name of ROBLOX).  Users sometimes distinguish them as newbies or noobs because all the time they have angered the entire community.


ROBLOX users can join groups or leave groups. Group with more people is called First Encounter Assault Recon. You should use music codes in roblox to make songs.

List of Moderators

The moderators are: ROBLOX, Builder man, Shedletsky, Clockwork, Matt Dusek and erik.cassel

Types of moderators

There are 3 types of moderators in roblox Assassin:

Forum moderators:  They have special power and are able to eliminate the discussions that violate the Code of Conduct. Users, who are exemplary citizens at Roblox for a long period of time, are invited to become moderators.

Moderators Image:  Moderators images have special power that allow them to approve or reject the images that other users want to upload on roblox games. Images are rejected immediately and removed from the page.

Administrators:  Only official Roblox administrators have this title. If someone claims to be an administrator, but does not have these rights (can be obtained as a badge), he is potentially trying to deceive you.

The 3 ways to rip you off in Roblox

Builders Club:  Builders Club is a premium paid service. Members receive several advantages:

  • They can create ten places in their account (Unlike if you are not part, you cannot create places)
  • can earn a daily income of 15 ROBUX
  • can sell their creations to others in the Roblox Catalog
  • Have the ability to navigate the website without external ads
  • receive the exclusive hat builder of the Builders Club

Turbo Builders Club:  Members of Turbo Builders Club are some of the most dedicated players. It is a paid service. Members receive many of the benefits as received in the regular Creator Club, plus a few more exclusive improvements:

  • Twenty-five places on their own instead of ten Regular Creator Club
  • Earn a daily income of 35 ROBUX.
  • Can sell their creations To others in the Roblox Catalog.
  • Have the ability to navigate the website without external ads.

Outrageous Builders Club:  Club members are VIP Premium Creators players. It is a premium service. Members of outrageous Builders Club receive

  • Have 100 groups.
  • Have 100 places
  • Can earn 60 ROBUX per day
  • Can unlock Premium website
  • Can access to CEOs and Roblox developers through cast premium.

Roblox Assassin Codes and Their Use

Roblox Assassin codes and their outputs are given below

Assassin Code Output Equipment
Summer2016 Sand
OH YEAH! Kool-Aid
GimmeCookie Cookie
Ice Ice Baby! Ice
Spooky2016 Sinister
snoo_binary Dank Knife
naughty_list Coal
Bloxy Candy Cane


To use these roblox robux codes, enter the codes in the Redeem a hat Code box and press submit button, you will be equipped by the new knife. Then go to Spectate and use it.

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