Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Codes – DNA Hack

The Roblox Dinosaur Simulator is an upcoming game simulation in which the gamer can live as one of the most majestic, prehistoric and amazing creature to have ever lived: The Dinosaur.

It is one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences fashioned on Roblox hack.

Here you play as this fascinating creature as you attempt to stay alive while avoiding natural disasters and predators alike.

You can also join herds or form packs to increase your survival rate.

What are roblox promo codes?

Roblox Dinosaur Simulator hack codes

Promo codes are the button that is located at the bottom of the main menu screen. With the promotion (i.e elemental wars codes etc) you obtain different dinosaur skins which you can apply to the corresponding dinosaur.

How to use promo codes?

  • First of all pick up your products and add them to the shopping cart.
  • Make sure that all the Dinosaur Bbq Coupons requirements have been met before application.
  • Now copy and paste the code of the Dinosaur Bbq Coupons before checking out.
  • You will then be given a distinctive Roblox Dinosaur Simulator coupon code on the landing page.

Top Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Codes

  • 060515- Twitter Orinthomimus (Released on 24th August 2015)
  • 060398- Avimimus Dodo (Released on 1st September 2015)
  • 115454- Chickenosaurus
  • 06066- Isisauriraptor (Released on 30th October 2015)
  • 092316- Electric Pteranodon (Released on 24th September 2016)

How to get DNA in Roblox Dinosaur?

The DNA serves the crucial purpose serving as the game’s currency. With the DNA you can buy new Dinosaurs, Dinosaur skins and also to make nests.

The amount of DNA is not specific and it varies depending on the rate of growth and development of the Dinosaur.  Dinosaurs that have a 1x growth rate multiplier receive 40 DNA while Dinosaurs with 2x GRM are given 80 DNA.

However, when the Dinosaur becomes an adult, the player receives 80 DNA which also varies depending on the growth rate multiplier once more.

Dinosaurs with a 1X growth rate multiplier receive 80 DNA while those with 2x growth rate multiplier  receive 160 DNA which is double of what they receive before becoming adults. It is also valid for roblox on chromebook.

The rate of DNA Dinosaurs earn per day is restricted at day 25 and it is also affected by the growth rate multiplier.

Dinosaurs that have 1x growth rate multiplier earn 25 DNA while those with 2x double of that (which is 50) and  those with 3x receive triple of that (which is 75)

An alternate way to acquire DNA is by buying the DNA store. The amounts are restricted to:

  • 10, 50 (+10 DNA)
  • 100 (+25 DNA)
  • 500 (+155 DNA)
  • 1000 (+350 DNA)
  • 2000( +800 DNA)
  • 5000(+2500 DNA)

And if you are still looking for yet another way to get DNA then you should consider buying a party box. The party box allows all players get DNA.

Press the ‘P’ key on your keyboard to call a Roblux purchase prompt for 40 R $. DNA rains from the party box after your purchase.

However you should take note that you cannot collect DNA for yourself i.e if you intend to purchase it for yourself it is impossible.

How to Get Indominus Rex in Dinosaur Simulator?

The indominus Rex still remains the most formidable carnivore in the entire game despite the fact that it has been nerd due to the amount of people who hacked it.

However it has been announced that this powerhouse will return on black Friday for the price of 30000 DNA!

If you have any query about Roblox Dinosaur Simulator code or DNA hack then you can share it here.

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