Roblox Hat Codes and Ids

Roblox Working Hat Codes and Ids: Roblox is working really hard to deliver the best experiences to all users. You have a possibility to customize your virtual characters by adding many different hats, clothing and gear. The main aim is to let users build their own worlds and create an outstanding in-game experience.

roblox hat codes and ids

There’s an interesting story regarding Roblox hats. After a horrifying earthquake hit Haiti back in 2010, Roblox launched two hats to collect money for the Red Cross. Hats were simply named the “Blue Hat for Haiti” and the “Red Hat for Haiti”. From the each purchase of the Blue Hat, Roblox would donate 10 cents to the Red Cross in Haiti, and 65 cents for every Red Hat purchased by users.

This helped Roblox donate over $5000 in just 7 days, which is an impressive achievement. Even though some might say $5000 is not a lot of money, it’s the humanity in each one of us which should make us question if we did enough to help someone. Do you know that, you can make shirt on roblox without bc.

Some Roblox Hat Codes and Ids

There are hundreds of different hats available on Roblox. Depending on your personal interests, you will easily find something suitable for your character. We have collected and listed some Roblox hat codes, so you don’t have to search for them by yourselves.

  • Dethroned Ruler of the Universe – 298084718
  • Ceremonial Guard of the Duke of the Federation – 298071907
  • Dosei ‘do – 298070726
  • Norse Scout Helmet – 298084053
  • Alien Chef – 298084311
  • Shark Attack – 12145407
  • Beautiful Red Hair for Beautiful People – 221175027
  • Beautiful Hair for Purple People – 17424092
  • Black Sparkle Time Fedora – 259423244
  • Trojan Infantry Helmet – 10546552
  • Black and White Mystery Mask – 125377979
  • Golden Teapot of Pwnage – 1594180

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Roblox Hat Codes for Girls

  • Cinnamon Hair – 13745548
  • White Beanie with Rainbow Hair – 321570597
  • Whipped Cream Hat – 106710727
  • Katrina Scarlett Hair – 175136000
  • Buddy Baseball Cap – 68259961
  • America’s Sweetheart – 29952810
  • Galaxy Girl – 260369814
  • Cotton Candy Hair – 293316608
  • Socialite – 24341406
  • Golden Hair – 13476917
  • Golden Anime Girl Hair – 185812297
  • Blonde Action Ponytail – 398673196

How to Make Hats on Roblox?

If you’re willing to make your own hats on Roblox, you just need to follow the instructions below.

  • First you need to open Roblox Studio and go to Insert.
  • Click on Search and type in the hat type you want to make. Choose any of the listed ones.
  • Go to View and click on Explorer and Properties. This will open two tabs on the right side of your screen.
  • Open Handle in the Explorer tab and click on Mesh. Then go to Texture ID and copy last numbers.
  • Go to Roblox website and paste these numbers in the URL of a random T-shirt or gear. Right click on the image and save it. Open it with editing software of your choice.
  • This is when you should show your creativity and edit the image to match your taste. Save it and go to Roblox website once again, since you need to upload the image.
  • Go to Develop – Build New – Decal and choose your image. After you’ve uploaded it, go to your item and decrease the value of the final digit in the URL by 1.
  • Copy last numbers and paste them in the Texture ID.

That would be it! You’ve successfully made your first hat. Alternatively you can use Roblox Hat Ids and Codes to save your time.

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