Roblox Highschool Codes for Clothes and Life

Roblox Highschool Codes for Clothes and Life: ROBLOX is constantly giving their best to deliver the best experiences to their members and create a world no one could possibly ignore. Giving everyone the freedom to develop their own games and thus get deeply involved in the community can be quite challenging and set the bar of expectation very high. Regardless, they’ve done a great job with the ROBLOX High School, allowing you to play the role of a high school student, teacher, or even a principal, and feel the joy of creating a character who can deal with the everyday pressure whilst being able to make new friends, decorate your lovely house, purchase the car you’ve always dreamed of and much more.

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ROBLOX High School was launched back in 2009 and has been a craze ever since, boasting an impressive number of over 330 million visits and almost half a million likes. The maximum number of players is 20 and you’re not allowed to wear any gear in the game.

How to Get Free Clothes in ROBLOX High School?

There are plenty of different outfits you can wear in RHS and the majority of them were carefully designed to please everyone. Fortunately, the ROBLOX community makes the codes that are intended for getting free clothes in the game available to the masses, so you can take advantage of the codes as well.

If you’re familiar with the game (we’d guess you are), you know how easy it is to apply a certain code and wear your favorite outfit. Basically, all you need to do is enter the code in the corresponding box in the game – it is as simple as that.

Best ROBLOX High School Codes

Classifying RHS codes based on the gender makes no sense, unless it’s for the purpose of shortening the time necessary to apply them and avoiding any unpleasant situations – if you’re a boy, you’d probably not like to accidentally apply a code for girls and end up with a pink shirt on your character.

Roblox Highschool Codes for boy and girls

For boys:

  • 477730847
  • 570147396
  • 599617025
  • 495785833
  • 566744950 – a code for roblox miners haven.
  • 567482873
  • 566743904
  • 550645397
  • 600286092
  • 577438134
  • 462949960
  • 449077835
  • 565853049
  • 473797211
  • 588202238
  • 576582491
  • 590762770
  • 531834680
  • 601042023
  • 320136120

For girls:

  • 520298945
  • 522661594
  • 491656850
  • 496740730 – It is also an code for Dinosaur Simulator.
  • 557464047
  • 480131636
  • 531328854
  • 581324589
  • 598164357
  • 543726204
  • 530743498
  • 506480066
  • 441731130 – Get roblox for xbox one and 360.
  • 541519909
  • 557869811
  • 463214339
  • 585590763
  • 563153970
  • 493679861
  • 559014542

Here we’ve just randomly thrown together some codes:

  • Sleepy Unicorn (pants) – 230510523
  • Poping swim – 181947891
  • Party fun and skin creator plugin – 441244740
  • Prom night – 237322172
  • Cheer outfit – 435974591
  • Pewdiepie PJ’s – 453971788
  • Summer outfit – 211122520

How to Use Roblox HS Codes?

In order to use Roblox HS codes for life, clothes and health, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the ‘Character’ icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the shirt in the pop-up menu (doing so will open a small window in the center). You can customize your character by creating multiple outfits, which you can also save to be able to wear them again.
  3. Cody the admin gear code that you want to use and paste it in the corresponding box.
  4. Click ‘Wear Outfit’ and your character should now have a completely new look.

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