Roblox Infinity rpg Codes 2018 – Secret Blade

Welcome to page of Roblox Infinity rpg Codes and secret blade tips. Are you familiar with the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre? If you are, all those Roblox fans definitely should try the leveling system, boss killing and loot grinding addicting experience the Sparkle Time Studio has developed into the Infinity RPG.

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Roblox Infinity rpg Codes and secret blade tips

It was mentioned that the loot grinding plays a big part in all RPG and that’s true, everyone wants to enter the many realms fulfilled with the existing enemies and collect those sweat prizes – XP and Items. Today’s subject is for those wild adventurers who are searching for the hidden content.

Top 6 Roblox Infinity RPG Codes

6) FireAgeIsTheNewAge: This will bring the Inferno Blade directly to your equipment and is entirely red with a shiny sprite all over itDamage (40-70).

5) AndromedaGalaxy: Similar to the previous one, after you redeem the code, a sword called Universe Bug will be obtained. Damage(400 – 700).

4) FreeSword: Its white shining sparkles effect adapts to the nice sword color.Damage (2000 – 5000).

3) PillarOfCreation: This code will provide a buff which rises up 11.000hp of your actual life.

2) 220KeepGoing: A recent code and a pretty decent redeemable sword. The 220K Favorites Sword is a massive destroyer – capable of hitting up to the 20k tag – and has a red stars sprite effect.

1) SpookyScary: Among the weapon codes, the Ghost Walker is the most powerful sword of all the free ones. Is yellow transparent and don’t have any sprite effect but its damage compensate for it (50.000-100.000)

How to Apply the Infinity rpg Codes?

It is very simple to use any builders club code provided to you, whether you got it from a friend or surfing on the internet.  To receive the code rewards you need to open the settings and press the “Redeem Code” button, and then write them exactly how it was previously mentioned – Caps at beginnings and no space – and press Redeem.

It’s that easy.

How to Get Roblox Secret Blade?

Actually, there is one peculiar blade that is able to do a secret amount of damage.

So how does the Secret Sword work? This transparent – with a shining sparkle effect – uses a randomize damage system, where is going to be announced numbers hit after hit.

To get it, you need to go directly to the Knight Valley and get close to the right corner at the nearest wall from the main entrance. Avoid or kill the spawning poltergeist and begin to approach the hidden passage.

In this exact part, the walls texture looks like solid but they really aren’t that solid, you are capable of crossing it without much effort.  Only a last step is remaining to get that sweet Secret Sword. [Best Roblox Mad Games Code]

To get on that platform, you have to look through the wall and jump in quick mechanics as if we were introduced to a glitch. If you do the jump properly, you would be in front to the merchant who sells the weapon. It has a low cost (5500 gold) but definitely has an outstanding functionality.

Bottom line

This list was brought to help all those who are part of the Roblox community that searches for days and never finds any concrete information. The main reason of this is because some games don’t receive the attention they deserve. [Roblox Decal Ids and Codes]

Probably you might have seen that the Roblox promotional codes and the redeemable game codes are different because the first one is to collect esthetic gear from Roblox toys and can be done on the web page. The second one only is related to the Infinity RPG specials.

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