Roblox Mad Games Codes 2018

Roblox Mad Games Codes Free Generator and Hack: Each and every ROBLOX member can be really proud of his/her knowledge if he/she can memorize just a few dozens of titles of ROBLOX games and speak about the very basis idea of the plot and in-game features at any time of the day. The overall number of game developers is constantly rising, so is the number of ROBLOX games themselves.

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Roblox Mad Games promo codes

ROBLOX Mad Games is an online multiplayer game that was created by Mad Studio in 2015. It consists of a larger number of mini games and supports up to 16 players. Judging by the number of visits on the game page alone (more than 71 million), it is quite popular among the members; especially if you consider that it was released just a bit over two years ago.

Mad Games Unique Features

Eleven supported game modes should be enough even for the most advanced users: Mad Murdered, Free-For-All, Sheriff Madness, Balloon Hunt, Tile Smasher, Mad Sweeper, Cat Attack, Juggernaut, Death Box, Pumpkin Hunt, Balloons of Doom. Thirteen different maps, four of which are supported with certain game modes only, were created to allow you to experience playing in a unique environment whenever you switch to a new game mode.

Mad Games used to support credits as the main currency in the game, but that has changed and now you are able to make in-game purchases only with the Ruby currency.

Best ROBLOX Mad Games Codes

From time to time, everyone likes getting free stuff and taking advantage of free promotions and game codes. Nobody has the right to judge you for taking a shortcut and using the dodgeball codes that are supported by ROBLOX itself.

Once you have found the most comfortable position in your chair and opened Mad Games, make sure to use the codes ‘tweets’ and ‘face’ to get 10 + 2 LP and 20 + 4 LP, respectively. It is not much, but it will certainly come in handy when you have drained almost all the resources you had.

There is one quite special code that will give you more LP that you would ever imagine. In fact, you will be able to add exactly 10,000 LP to your profile in a single click with the code ‘ayyyyolo’. For the instructions on how to use these codes, refer below.

How to Use ROBLOX Mad Games Promo Code?

You are surely waiting to see what the above mentioned codes can do for you, so make sure to go to ROBLOX Mad Games first. Click the ‘LP’ sign on the left side of the screen and a small window will pop up. From there, you will be able to redeem any codes that you have been told about by your friends or other members. All you need to do is enter the code in the small box in the center of the screen and click ‘Redeem’. If the code has not expired, you will get a message telling you that you have successfully redeemed a mad games code.

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