Roblox Phantom Forces Aimbot and Credit Hack 2018

Find latest Hack to get credits and aimbot for FREE. Roblox phantom forces are a famous first person shooter game created by litozinnamon and stylish studios. On an average per day 20k visitor play this game and sometimes it would be 40k too. This game is an inspired version of battle world 4 or counter strike: global offensive (CS: GO) and has all the elements of this game. If we talk more on this game than its success of successor of “call of robloxia” and one of the best roblox games ever.

This game is a FPS (first person shooter) game and has the all elements like M4 Carbine, M200 Intervention, FN P90, MP5 and others. This game has played in two parts phantoms and ghosts, phantoms represented as a blue colour and ghosts represented as an orange colour. Each team has unique locations on each map, which are static and team-based. There is no further difference between each team.

Roblox Phantom Forces hack for credit and aimbot

All this movements or any activity would be not done by free for this you or your team has to earn some points or credits for this so before starting this game you have some basic amount but after that you have to earn it.

Importance of Aimbot and Credits

This game is a first person shooter game and has many moves and guts for play this game and this all things not be available in free format , you have to earn it in your game. For example you have one element, suppose one gun in your game and after some time have to replace it for your new journey so for this you have to earn a new credits in your game and with this you can buy a new elements for your game so this is a main importance of credits or points.

Keys things of aimbot and credits,

  • For regenerating or change level or change any of your current elements, you have to earn credits in your game.
  • Credits can be used without needing to unlock them from ranking up or accumulating a certain number of kills.
  • There are many levels or routes in this game and more dangerous if you want to beat it , use credits and aimbot.

Roblox Phantom Forces Aimbot and Credit Hack

As we discuss above, for any premium things if you want to access you have to spend some points or credits for it. So without it you can’t play this game but there are some ideas available on internet which can give you all this things freely, you just have to follow some steps of tools or software.

It’s freely available in internet and you can be using it easily.

How Does Roblox Phantom Forces Hack Works?

How to use it,

  • There are many options available here for like weapons, levels and many more choose whatever you like.
  • And add it
  • Enjoy the spray paint codes and ids.


For game addict, this info is very useful so keep watch all the things and play in your pc.

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