Roblox Twisted Murderer Codes 2018 – Hack and Cheats

Learn to use Roblox Twisted Murderer Codes with cheat and hack: Twisted Murderer is the Roblox game that was released on September 2014 and still a massive hit having more than 15 million place visits. It is another murder mystery game created by taymaster.

Why to Play Roblox Twisted Murderer?

Roblox is an online user generated multiplayer social gaming platform. The game offers players the ability to design and engineer their very own virtual worlds.

Roblox Twisted Murderer Codes

The game that started in 2006 has now garnered a lot of fans with over 500,000 game creators designing games and thirty million active monthly players.

There are 6 different type of rounds i.e. Murderer Madness, Cold Killer, Sheriff Showdown, Double Trouble, Juggernaut and Stick and Stones. All of them make game more fun and engaging. Game also have one in-store shop which offers various items including cosmetic items, apparel, survival stuffs and supplements. You have to use in-game currency to purchase all the products. You can earn such coins and currencies by completing various missions and rounds. If you don’t have time and running out of in-game currency then you can buy it with real money.

Don’t you have to spend real money? then you can try some hack and cheat engines. There are some online generators which allow you to generate free coins, robux, tix and other products. You just have to enter your username, country to get particular items for FREE.

Alternatively, you can try below Roblox codes for Highschool and Twisted murder games. They are valid for certain accounts only and you need to use it correctly to get associated items.

Top rated Roblox Twisted Murderer Codes


  • Bat- B4TTYBANA5
  • Dorito- D3WR1TOS
  • Winter Bird –B1RDYBUD


  • Radioactive: T0X1C1LL3R
  • Pika- PIKAPIK4CH00 (same as roblox highschool code)
  • Swag Shank – 2SWAGGY4U
  • Snoop Dog – SN00PDWG
  • Pumpkin – 2SPOOKY4ME
  • Black Fire- THX4TWICH
  • Lazer (Only works for rank 110)-
  • Lazermaster.

Gun Skins:

  • Social Sheriff – TW44T3R
  • Germinate Revolver – ILOV3G3M5


  • Snowballs- ST4YFRO5TY
  • Black Fire (Hot sauce)- THX4TWITCH

Do you want to know who is the actual murder? then we have a special outfitter code for you. Simply make 23125 to solve out the murder mystery.

Please ensure that all letters are typed in capital letters for these roblox admin codes to work effectively.

How to Use Roblox Cheat and Hack?

Once you find valid and working Twisted Murderer Codes then next step is to login to your roblox account. Visit the official in-game store and paste the code to get certain item for FREE or at discounted price. If you see any warning or error message then first make sure that CapsLk is off. If you still face any issue then communicate to me by commenting here. I will try to reply you with easy and working solution so that you can hack roblox game.

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