Roblox Windowed Mode 101

Roblox is the massively play multiplayer game that is available worldwide. Windowed Mode is unique kind of setting that will offer more feature to you.

Know Everything About Roblox Windowed Mode 101

Even in the gaming world, perfectionism is all about the tiniest details: tilting your screen just a couple of degrees to adjust it to your preferences, playing some relaxing music in the background whilst hunting zombies, choosing the highest quality keyboard, etc. These things may sound silly and seem illogical to an ordinary person, but a real gamer knows that a lot of effort is put into making the most appropriate atmosphere – the atmosphere that will allow you to blast through the game levels with ease. If any of the ‘parameters’ aren’t as you wish them to be, you lose the feeling of specialness. Thereby, choosing between Roblox windowed and full-screen modes is quite an important task to do.

windowed mode by roblox

Other than the rather subjective opinion about the option that allows you to control the gaming experience, activating windowed mode can come in handy when the resolution of the game differs from the desktop’s resolution, which greatly improves the overall performance and fixes any fps issues.

How to Activate ROBLOX Windowed Mode

In case you’re not entirely sure whether you should set windowed mode as a default option, you can switch between windowed and full-screen in the settings of the game whenever you want. On the other side, the main reason it is recommended to stick to only one option is to keep the Roblox gaming experience at a reasonably satisfying level no matter how much time you spend playing games on your powerful gaming PC.

There are two different ways you can activate ROBLOX windowed mode. The first one requires you to go to the in-game settings and turn off the full-screen option (it is listed among the other settings, such as volume, graphics mode, etc.). If that does not work for you, even after you’ve tried a couple of times, try pressing fn+f11 (fn button can be found in the bottom left corner of the keyboard). Doing so will automatically switch between the two available options and you will be able to change your preference any time during the game.

Once you have entered the settings menu, you can take your time exploring the other options. Some of them can drastically change the way you play ROBLOX games and help you change the user interface to feel more comfortable, as well as improve the overall performance (graphics quality, mouse sensitivity).

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What’s the Better Choice?

Nobody else but you can give a definite answer to this question. Given that you are reading this, you must be in a slight dilemma. However, the importance of such a decision is basically nothing compared to the importance of the decision you have to make when you are about to have an exam without having learned at all – to cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. Since everyone has a unique taste and is at least a bit subjective when it comes to giving someone else advice, you should try out both of the available options (Windowed Mode of Roblox and Normal mode) yourself and see which one works better for you.


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